Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't give up on me, I have just been busy!

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but I have been very busy and my blog had to be put on the back burner. We have settled into Draper, Utah quite nicely! Thomas and Lucy are in school and enjoying it (as much as kids enjoy school). I have also started taking classes and that has drained all the extra time I can find. I am taking a 5 credit math course and as of now it’s not hard, just time consuming. (I have actually been dreaming in numbers and equations, YIKES!) James just came back from Houston last week from running his second marathon. He improved his time by 18 minutes and getting ready to sign up for another one. Thomas has also taken up running like his dad. Thomas and I go out in the morning and go for a 30 minute run (4 times a week) and he wants to run in the next 5k. 

 We are living in an apartment complex right now and can’t wait to start house hunting in a few months. We are hoping to move into our own home in September. Let’s hope we can!!!! So right now we feel a little temporary, but James’ job has been fantastic. All in all life is going great. We still have our drawbacks but what is life with a little trials? Anyway, I better get to my homework. (Those math problems aren’t going to solve themselves.)


katalc said...

Congrats! So proud of James,Brittany and Thomas. (Maybe a little jealous, too.) Where will you be looking for housing? We have a few houses near us available and it's a great area. Love you all.

James said...

Yep, we are doing pretty well. We will most likely be looking for a home in the SLC area.