Saturday, April 18, 2009

Excitement on Tax Day!

April 15th generally comes and goes without a second thought except for this year. It turns out I had some preterm contractions and earned a night at the hospital. We are fine now, it's just that the baby is a touch too little to be greeting us right now (34 weeks). So I am learning to "take it easy" and keeping the baby in. It was a small scare and we are hoping to see the baby soon, mid-May.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yeah, It's Done!!

Lucy Is Potty Trained! Yippiee! So I decided that I was done buying diapers, so I stopped using them. All day today Lucy has been wearing big girl underpants and she hasn't had one accident! We even made a trip to Wal-mart, still no problems. She is still wearing a pull-up at night, but at least we have ditched the diapers. Now how do I avoid diapers with this next baby? Still haven't figured that one out.

Hooray for underpants!!!!