Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Dylan dear!

Today is my sweet baby's 2nd birthday. Really he doesn't even know what is going on today. We went to the doctor and had his well baby check up. He is now 30 pounds and going strong. Dylan got one shot  and a blood draw and he didn't cry once, amazing! He was more fascinated with the needle then scared of it. Really he is just the strong silent type.

Anyway, Because of his shot today he has been kind of on the grumpy side. We debated if we should even celebrate his birthday today. We already decided to have the cake and stuff in a week when James' brother will be here (it's also closer to my Birthday). So we thought we would give him one gift and save the rest for later. Which is exactly what we did.

There is this Pixar movie, Cars (maybe you have heard of it?). Well, it is Dylan's absolute favorite movie. Not only is it his favorite, he loves all things cars. He loves any food, t-shirt, or picture of the Car's characters. [Side Story: Every time I go grocery shopping he loves to look for anything with Lightning McQueen on it. He's the main character in Cars. And since Cars 2 is coming to theaters on June 24th (yeah, we are excited!) he is in just about every isle, go ahead, check. Because of that we have gotten Cheez-its, Cars Mac and Cheese, and Cars soup. I am a sucker!]

For the last few weeks I have been on the hunt for the perfect "Cars" gift. I wanted to get him a Cars toddler bed set but I really didn't like any of the sets out there. So I made my own. I had to be a bit sneaky and make it without him seeing, but he loved it! After getting the blanket we put it on his bed and he has been sitting in his bed for the last 45 minutes. The funniest part is that after being in his bed for about 2 minutes he took his "blankie," (the blankie that has been with him through thick and thin) and tossed it on the floor. If you look in the picture it is right there on the floor, tossed aside like a pair of dirty socks. It's sad how quick these kids grow up. (I am sure he will accept his blankie into his inner circle again, someday.)

So Happy Birthday to my little baby!! I sure do love you "Buby"! 

By the way, can you guess what other gifts he might be getting for his birthday? 


Cattaya said...

AWESOME idea with making your own bedding! I feel the same way about alot of the toy story bedding for Andy (his b-day is in July ) he feels the same way about Toy story, so I may copy your idea! Isn't it funny how much you can love to watch the babies become children but hate it at the same time! wishing they could stay little forever! I know you know better than me with your older ones!!

Rebecca said...

What a cutie!

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement the other day on my blog. I really appreciated them.

And yes! That was Connie! It has been fun to have a front row seat to watch her experience Motherhood for the first time.

Lots of love xoxo

Sarah H said...

Cute. I love his reaction to the card too. So cute. You need another photo of the quilt so we can see the whole thing.

Kamille said...

I wish I would have known! I have a super cute Cars blanket that we don't use anymore. I would have sent it to you...if you need another one, let me know. I have a pillowcase and sheet somewhere as well. Maybe I can find them...who knows! I can't believe he's 2 already! He's adorable. Happy late Birthday to the Dilly! His laugh is so cute!!! Love you guys.